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Pod Photo
Pod Photo
Pod Photo
Joint Construction
Construction Sequence 1
Construction Sequence 2
Construction Sequence 3
Construction Sequence 4

Photo credit: Emma Bross

Pod Project

Joshua Gritz, Emma Bross, Kimberly O'Keeffe

This was the final project of our first undergraduate architecture studio. As a team of three, we were tasked with creating an inhabitable pod out of one chosen recycled material and no binding agent (meaning the material could only be attached to itself using the material). The cafe in the Architecture School sold Pure Leaf Tea, and we were intrigued by the shape and structure of the bottle. 

Using hundreds of bottles found around the school, we designed multiple joints including screw joints and tab joints to create a structure about 6' tall. It was wide enough that we could all sleep in it at the same time.

The design featured a threshold entrance, interactive louvers, and a ceiling. Being inside of it created a tempered glass aesthetic where the other side was visible but obscured.


Inhabitable pod


Charlottesville, VA


Spring 2015

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