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I've always felt that film was more than just a hobby to me. Since I could hold a video camera, film has reflected an inherent instinct to transmit my ideas. My love of storytelling and visual communication has driven my exploration of the craft. Without technical training or proper equipment (besides a green screen gifted to me at my Bar Mitzvah), I have been creating pieces nonstop for classes and for fun.

While I have no formal training in film, I wanted to show a sample of my more recent projects to demonstrate my perspective, curiosity, playfulness, and exploration into the medium. 

independent | production designer | 2018


The Lily 

class | writer, animator, editor | 2015

class | director, performer, editor | 2017

Retelling the Arthurian Legend

Coming Together

independent | writer, director, editor | 2020

Pencil Case

class | writer, animator, editor | 2015

class | director, editor | 2016

Product Design: Desk Divider

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