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Final Render
Site Plan
Floor 1 Plan
Floor 2 Plan
Floor 3 Plan
Cross Section
Longitudinal Section
Section Perspective
Site Perspective
Exploded Axon
Final Render
Final Render
Interior Render

Robie House

The Robie House, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, is a classic example of his horizontal prairie style. Its complex planar massing, residential and hearth oriented programming, and attachment to one of my favorite architects made it the ideal case study to learn Revit, a central and essential BIM tool in the current architecture, engineering, construction, and design landscape.

Upon picking this building as a case study, I spent a semester deconstructing and understanding the drawings, and then reconstructing the entire building in 3D in Revit. What you see is the final result, a faithful re-creation of an architectural masterpiece.


Revit model


Chicago, IL


Spring 2018

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